Five questions for creatives: Stephen Molyneaux

Stephen Molyneaux started his career in the games industry before moving into cinema. He is now a visual affects artist in London, working on major feature films like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Prometheus, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men and the upcoming Disney’s Jungle Book.  Stephen excels at character creation and visual development and is an accomplished artist both digitally and traditionally. Stephen studied under world renowned artists Steve Huston, Jeffrey Watts and Henry Yan and has work published for both digital and traditional work.

Five questions

How did you get into the creative industry, and was there a defining point in your career that led you on that path?

I studied a course in computer animation and special effects at the university of bradford. After graduating in 2004 I was lucky to land a freelance job creating some simple medical animations for a local plastic surgeon. This was a defining moment as this job helped me to develop my portfolio and I was able to land a job as a 3d artist at a small game company in Manchester.


Is there anything you would change in your current career and if so why?

As I have got older I have developed a strong passion for the fine arts such as traditional drawing and painting and I sometimes look back and wished i’d pursued a career in the fine arts from a younger age. But the reason why I have such interests is because of the people I have met along the current career path so I probably wouldn’t change anything.


Where do you see yourself, and your career in five years time?

I have worked within the film vfx industry for the past seven years. I’m about to start a new job working in a film art department. So I expect some big changes in my career and hope in five years time i’m an established film concept and visual development artist. I also hope to keep developing my personal portfolio.


Are there any rules or habits that help you do your job more efficiently?

I love to study, I always travel with my tablet and study daily. It became a habit the more I studied. I think it helps and supplements my professional work. I love to try and learn something new everyday.


What tips would you give to anybody who is looking to get started in the creative industry?

Find a passion and have a goal, study really hard to achieve it. Study daily and try to cut down the amount of time watching TV and playing video games. All the successful artists I have met have a terrific work ethic. If you work hard you create your own luck and don’t worry about talent – if you work hard enough you can achieve more than the talented person who doesn’t put the work in.


You can see Stephen’s work on his website:

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