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My recommendations for free design resources for creatives

I was recently invited to contribute my opinions, views and advice by Ann Hawkins to a new organisation in Cambridge called Pitch for People and I’ve been sharing some of the free design resources i’ve picked up over the years.

Pitch for People was an idea created by mobile developer Adam Brooks. His aim was to create a platform that allows local community and commercial organisations to find people with the right creative skills to work on projects. I’ve made my contributions via a group messaging system, like a forum but much nicer looking, called Slack and it’s a great way to get involved. If you’d like to give your opinions too then tweet Ann Hawkins for more details.

As the Slack forum is private I thought i’d be useful to post some of my free design resources gems here for fellow Neotists, and creative types to share. If you’d like to add your ideas then pop over to the forum or comment on this post.

Free design resources

I’ll start with – a collection of free stock photos that require none or minimal accreditation and funnily enough where I sourced this featured image from with the ✓ No attribution required tick. – a very handy system for automating those boring task with a ton of Channels (devices, systems, apps and social media accounts, to you and me) including a handy one that will text you when the International Space Station passes over your city. – a collaboration tool for writers that works best in WordPress but can be used through their online editor too. – a great tool for creating a quick and simple brand style guides for a new or existing client. – a scheduling tool for teams that allows you to pick alternative dates and collect the best time to meet. – a very handy system for creating online surveys and much easier and nice looking than Survey Monkey and incidentally the one I used when asking for suggestion for names for Neotists. – great site for sourcing icons with minimal attribution required. – similar to Noun Project, in case they don’t have exactly what you’re looking for. – another great free design resource with minimal or no attribution required. – an oldy but still a favourite of mine for sourcing typefaces. – as they bill themselves, tasty design resources made with care for each pixel. Free for personal and commercial use covering mock-ups, icons and UI kits.

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