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It was at sixth form college that a tutor pointed me in the direction of graphic design. I enjoyed messing around with fashion imagery and typography, I recall making a CD cover using odd materials and letraset. I had been intrigued by the Paul Smith fashion brand right from this early point, and chose to look at this in more detail for my dissertation while studying for a graphic design degree. It was this interest that led me to Aboud Creative, the agency who had worked closely with the brand for many years. Once I graduated I mailed a handmade book including a typewritten letter and CV to creative director Alan Aboud, which got me an interview. I joined them for an internship and went on to stay with the company for the best part of six years!

I started using Instagram back in 2011, it was the early days of the app, and my first image was naturally of my dog! As I came to use the app more and more, I started to notice things that previously wouldn’t have been given a second glance. What started as a whimsical bit of fun, soon became almost a daily routine. At work I was getting more opportunities to work with photographers and on set at shoots. It was fun art directing and bringing the concepts I had been working on to life. My use of Instagram morphed into a more considered selection, images were still often posted daily, but I began to edit everything more carefully. This was no doubt also influenced by work, in particular the in-house retouching that I worked alongside, developing an extended knowledge of tips and tricks in photoshop. I was applying the same perfection I practice within graphic design into photography in order to get the perfect image. It’s great to see how much my skills have improved, perhaps not in technical ability, but being able to spot an opportunity, a certain light or shadow. It’s fair to say, Instagram allowed me to explore and learn the basics of photography.

As the parameters of the design industry continue to shift it is vital that designers remain socially aware, this includes art and design history, as well as the latest fad or technology. I believe it is always important to continue learning and developing your skills. I have been really enjoying photography over the last couple of years and have been lucky enough to get some paid work on the back of it, more recently I have also been learning some basic HTML and CSS. By working with a willingness to try anything and an open mind it has given me the opportunity to work with great clients and on some amazing projects over the years – you can check out some work on my website www.jomansfield.com. In my view the design industry is constantly changing and as designers we have to adapt and evolve with it…

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